TLB MALLORCA ARTISTA Quarter Brogues 113 F Dark Brown - brogsy męskie ciemno brązowe

Goya F / Vegano Dark Brown


TLB Mallorca Artista

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Informacje o produkcie

  • Typ: Oxford
  • Kopyto: TLB Artista Goya F
  • Podeszwa: Leather




113 / GOYA / VEGANO DARK BROWN: Lace-up Oxford with punched cap toe made in Vegano Leather using French Calf from D’Anonnay tannery in dark black colour. This model has a calf lining with vegetable tanned leather insoles, finished with single leather closed channel sole to get more elegant finishing and with real leather heel stiffeners, all finished with a leather sole stitched all the way back to the heel to reach a more elegant look. The sole has a bevelled waist and a narrow stitching which continues in under the heel. The close-cut heels follow the natural line of the shoe.


For this model we have chosen our GOYA last in F width. A last with rounded toe, very elegant and extremely comfortable.

Made with the Goodyear Welted technique in our own factory in Inca, Mallorca. Following traditional techniques by very skilful artisans. This manufacturing process, of more than 150 steps, consists of a double stitching to join the leather, the insole and the sole providing a level of durability far superior to other conventional shoe. This type of construction, also provides extraordinary comfort and insulation thanks to the natural cork layer, placed under the insole which allows to be molded and acquiring the anatomy of each foot.


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